Saturday, May 28, 2011

Eye Eye Eye Oh my!

Yesterday I went into the eye doctor for a check up because I have been having some crazy vision problems. He did a bunch of tests and said that my retina is detaching. So he sent me to a specialist who just happened to be down from SLC that day and had an opening for me! What a blessing! Bruce and I went to the specialist and as he was looking in my eye he was saying "WOW" "Oh my" which started to make me nervous. AFter he was done he explained that my retina is detaching because of scar tissue, my blood vessels are leaking fluid, and there are two holes in my retina. So what we have to do to get it fixed so I don't loose my vision in my right eye.... SURGERY! I have to have it as soon as possible so they can repair it so I don't loose any more vision than I already have. We have to talk to my OB doctor and see what type of anathesisa (spell) that I can have. So hopefully I can have the surgery so I don't lose any more vision and everything can be healthy with our new baby! It is a blessing that we found it when we did. We will make it through and it will make us stronger! (ps. I don't know if this pic is the one to describe my eye it just makes the post) lol

Wednesday, May 4, 2011