Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well I haven't posted for a while but I don't have too many pictures so I didn't want to post! I still need to take some pic's so you can all see my classroom! I totally LOVE teaching it's the best job ever! I even got my first paycheck on Friday and it really was the biggest one I've ever gotten! Bruce started back to school this week! He's not happy at all! All I have to say is that I"m glad I'm finished!!! Well I'll post some pictures when I get some! ;)


The Frei's said...

HI!!! Wow that is awesome that you are teaching! I totally admire teachers. I was a substitute teacher last year and I respect teachers so much now! I'm glad we have a way to keep in touch now!

Josh & Analee said...

okay! at least dixie lets you graduate without passing the praxis...SUU requires students to pass it the semester before practicums (that would be in the spring) so if I have to retake it then I have only 1 more try. Good luck to you next time you take it!!