Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break

Oh spring break has been great! Bruce and I have just been able to hang out with each other all day and do whatever we want. We've gone on bike rides, hung out with family, gone out to eat, and much much more! I love being a teacher! Life couldn't get any better!


Jenna Marie said...

I love Jeff being a teacher too! Such wonderful hours... and gotta love all the breaks! :)

Aleisha said...

Hey Crystle

Happy Birthday yesterday, I hope it was a good one!

Sandi said...

Crystle and Bruce my favorite Love Birds-

How are you both? Well, according to this blog you look like you are doing great! I am so glad that I found you here... by way of Mikki, then Whitnee etc...
We as you might know (or not,) have moved to Florida!
The weather is warm and getting warmer.
Kenna is still dancing and is actually as I write this trying out for her new studio's competitive team. Devin is still in Utah until he graduates in 3 weeks and Kyler is still grumping around mad at the world for us moving him during such a great time in his life. Seriously, I do feel for him, going from middle school to Hs. Leaving yearbook, being a studentbody officer and then going to the short kid in a Hs really is crappy!!!

Where are you both teaching? are you happy to have the year almost over or are you sad about It?

I hope to hear from you soon,
we have a blog also (for years now,)
and you can email me at if you want to also.

Love to you both, miss your smiling, happy faces!